A Natural Family Garden

A blank canvas transformed into a bee-friendly, natural family garden in Ross-on-Wye

This garden was a complete blank canvas when we first arrived, a basic new build patio with a lumpy clay soil area left bare.

A Lapitur Yellow riven sandstone slab was the paving of choice as it suited the colour of the house. The dining area was placed close to the house for shelter but also it got the evening sun which is when the client would use this space the most.

A red reclaimed brick edge was placed around the edge of the patio, separating the paving from the lawn and the lawn from the planting beds. The red brick continues around a  smaller seating area towards the back of the garden which is the perfect breakfast spot in the summer as it gets the morning sun. All bases were covered for this family who enjoyed dining outside in the nice weather.  

A raised bed planter was designed on the right-hand side and desperately needed some soil improver in time for the new plants to arrive. The planting consists of bee-friendly flowers like verbena, lavender, hebe, allium, grasses, ferns, evergreen shrubs, climbers, herbs, vegetables and a lovely espalier apple tree that is strung to wires that were fitted to the garage wall.

Extensive drainage was thought about for the garden in an effort to help drain the wet clay soil. A lawn area for the clients daughter and dog to play on was incorporated.

The practical side of any garden also needs to considered, which is why bin stores were incorporated to hide away all waste bins. The colour of the fencing was Silver Copse which really enhanced the planting.

With the addition of some comfortable outdoor furniture, BBQ and lighting, the garden is set!

The paving and red brick continue into the front garden where the awkward uninviting lawn was replaced with brick planters, evergreen shrubs, grasses and spring bulbs. Decorative Cotswold stone gravel – which was laid on top of weed control – goes nicely with the colour of the house and contrasts the red brick. The front garden is finished off with an apple tree to the front and two olives trees either side of the front door.

A lovely natural plant-filled front garden to welcome you home.

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